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Rotation is the best dj we have and a hard act to follow.

Rotation takes up any time slot that is not currently held by a dj, or plays when a dj doesn’t do their show.

Rotation is completely random. This is why you might hear a hip hop song followed by a punk rock song followed by a classical song, … you get the point.

But what is Rotation? It’s just that. A collection of songs submitted by our djs. Each dj is allotted 100 spots in rotation to place whatever they like as long as it fits our guidelines. (No foul language, nothing racist, sexist, homophobic, etc and less than 10 minutes in length.) Unfortunately very few djs take the time to submit songs, but we are hoping that will change.

Rotation slots are also the slots up for grabs to new djs. As we add more and more djs to the collective, the rotation times shrink. It’s kind of bitter-sweet.