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Freeform Wednesdays With Dj Howl

FreeForm Wednesdays with DJ Howl
Freeform Wednesdays with DJ Howl


1pm-4pm (and sometimes 5pm)

DJ Howl will take you on a journey that harkens back to the days of Underground/Freeform radio. He discovered a local 10-watt college station in Clemson, SC known as WSBF and started hanging out there at about 17 years old. He went to Atlanta, GA to get his Class D license (which you had to have to be on the radio back then). WSBF was a great starting point in discovering new and different music.

At that point record collecting was a thing. He has a vast assortment of 60, 70’s and 80’s vinyl LP’s then transitioned to CD’s which then transitioned to downloads. It has been a dream to play the collection as he sees fit, which WOZO lets him do. He’s been waiting 65 years to do this.

What you might hear: Deep rock cut’s, deep artists digs, themes, LP sides, all blues on the 1st Wednesday, bluegrass, jazz, singer songwriter, bluegrass and almost anything that sounds like it was meant to be played together.

Most Wednesdays, he is live because that is the way to do it. You won’t hear too many tracks that any other Classic rock station will play. Tune in to find out what he might play.

Want to get in touch? Email DJ Howl at email