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Dj Rules aka “The Articles of Djdom”

                                                                      103.9 Articles of DJdom.

  1. 103.9 is a consensus minus 1 run organization with rotating facilitation that is DJ controlled and operated.      *The goal should always be consensus but occasionally someone wants to destroy everything. Minus 1 is reserved for when someone is being a fool and has to be taken out.
  1. Nothing overtly sexist, racist, homophobic or transphobic on the air. No isms.    **This means do not use profane language aka the seven dirty words, or anything that will get us shut down. If you do something that brings the feds down on the station you are suspended until the full monthly DJ board decides the state of your slot. IF they decide this is a righteous first amendment fight you can be reinstated and congratulated while the station gears up for full battle. But if you were just saying stupid stuff, you get the black spot and you’re out.
  1. DJ’s have full autonomy to play what they want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with our other rules.
  1. Don’t bring the imperials down on us.  *If you don’t understand what this means, study the fcc guidelines.
  1. Respect the equipment. *If something breaks, inform the collective so it can be fixed/ replaced. Treat equipment as it’s your own.
  1. Go through the process if you want to be a DJ. *Anyone who wishes to join the DJ collective must chat with at least 3 DJs who will vouch for you. You also have to sit through two other shows and learn how to use the equipment. Once 3 DJs vouch for you at the monthly meeting it requires 100% consensus to bring on a new DJ. Any single DJ can take your show out with 10 minutes of stupidity on the air. When you are consensing a new DJ you promise to take that responsibility seriously.   You miss two meetings without sending an excuse your show slot can be up for grabs and you can lose it. Pay your dues. All djs pay $20 a month in dues, per dj. Exceptions and trade value can be concensed on in case by case basis.
  1. You have to be at the meetings to consense. *If you’re a dj, it’s your station too and your voice is expected to help guide it.
  1.  Come to monthly meetings or send a good excuse. Meetings are the 1st Sunday of every month at 2 pm at the Birdhouse on the corner of Fourth and Gill. Missing too many meetings can be grounds for losing your show.
  1. No stupid sh*t. The not so secret 9th rule.
  1. Keep the rules simple and few. No one remembers a lot of rules.