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    Hey DJs!

    If you haven’t done it yet, email Pan with the email address of a Facebook account you want to associate with your show pages here and/or log in with, and he’ll get you set up as a DJ account here.

    Once you’re set up as a DJ account, you can edit your own show information, make blog posts, and access the DJ-Only Forums!

    Or log in to this site and reply to this forum post, if that’s easier.

    (This is Pan, by the way.)

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    MysticMountainShow test link


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    Apologies for having to post here a form Alert for Our Between The Lines Radio station affiliates

    I didn’t know how to email you or call you regarding our having to inform our affiliates about alternate ways to download our program this week, and wasn’t sure who to contact, so hope you can get this to the right person:

    To Our Between The Lines Radio Newsmagazine affiliates:

    Our webhosting service is still experiencing a server issue preventing updates to our web pages, MP3s and podcasts, as of today Aug. 3. That means the broadcast-quality audio for program episode Between The Lines Week Ending Aug. 12 is unavailable on our website, iTunes or Stitcher.

    If you find you have downloaded an MP3 with a timestamp of July, you have an outdated program. The correct filename should be 160812-btlv128.mp3. Please see the alternate download sites:

    Alternate download site instructions
    Your station can download the Week ending Aug. 12 from our aggregator affiliates:
    – – AudioPort.Org – Program Info (need a Pacifica login) after 12 noon ET Wednesday (Aug. 3)
    – – https://beta.prx. org/stories/183841 after 9 p.m. ET Wednesday (Aug. 3)
    – – after 12 noon ET Wednesday (Aug. 3)

    Here’s the Summary of Between The Lines Week Ending 8/12/16 (released 8/3/16):
    • Program on Inequality and the Common Good at Institute of Policy Studies’ Chuck Collins: For the First Time in Decades Inequality is a Major Issue in a U.S. Presidential Election Campaign;
    • Center for Economic and Policy Research’s Mark Weisbrot U.S. Legislators Question Veracity of Brazil’s Impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff;
    • Toxics Action Center’s Claire Miller: Environmental Groups Call for Halt to New England Natural Gas Energy Conversion

    Due to these server issues, the broadcast-quality download of Between The Lines’ program Week ending Aug 5, 2016 (posted on July 27) was not accessible on our website, Stitcher and iTunes as of Saturday, July 30.

    Sometime after Thursday, July 28, the Aug. 5, 2016 show’s web pages and audio files were deleted from our site, and the show Week ending July 29 web pages and audio files remained. is also behind by three weeks now. Several hundred other accounts on the shared server are also affected.

    If you have any difficulties downloading this week’s show, please contact (203) 268-8446 or (203) 816-1409.

    We will apprise you of when our site is back up and running. Thank you for all your support and keep up the good work you are doing in community radio!!

    Sorry for the inconvenience,
    Anna Manzo
    Outreach coordinator

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